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Our Mission
By: admin
Dec 29, 2014

Education: We aim to bring the talented doctors, lawyers and other professionals who are experts in their field and are willing to utilize their expertise to help better the lives of under-privileged into our portal. We deliver webcasts and one-on-one counseling sessions along with free classes that help people who cannot afford expert opinion otherwise. Please look at our schedule for classes and webcasts for upcoming content.

Opportunity: We believe that the only way to encourage and sustain the growth of under-developed communities is by providing them with work opportunities. Our site offers non-profit e-commerce where all the goods produced are hand-made from communities in Africa, India etc. and are available for sale. We promise to give the money completely for betterment of these communities through building schools, betterment of water and food facilities etc.

Humanity: We provide food camps (look for HTTP food trucks) and homeless showers across USA to help the homeless. All of our volunteers strive to provide the best services to bring more smiles. We also collect used electronics and clothes, fix them and ship them to Africa, India, etc., for people in need.