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Core Team


Founder & CEO

Mr. Venny Sriramoju is an Entrepreneur, Engineer and Information Technology Expert by day. He has great passion to always help people, everyday, even if it is one person and even if it is a seemingly small task. Whether advising, inspiring, encouraging, guiding, mentoring or just putting a smile on someone’s face, Mr. Sriramoju takes great pride in all of it. He believes in being the change that you want to be! His friendly nature, positive attitude, and great smile allow people to open their hearts and see beyond just the typical race, skin color, shape of someone’s eyes, texture of their hair, etc., Mr. Sriramoju has lived in 5 different countries around the world, and has traveled to over 70 countries. Mr. Venny Sriramoju is a certified yoga teacher, practices yoga daily, meditates daily, and practices spiritually and healthy eating and living habits. He loves nature, learning languages, various cultures, and trying or preparing ethnic food. He has been involved in many charities, fundraisers, serving in homeless shelters, environmental awareness and supporting artists with their technology needs. Mr. Sriramoju wants to connect like minded people, who are willing to help others around them but don’t know how and where around the world. His mission of H.T.T.P. (Help to the People) is to spread the message of hope across the world, raising funds and promoting awareness to instill faith in humankind and make a difference in the world with kindness. Through advocacy work and non-profit e-commerce he believes everyone in H.T.T.P. is a volunteer, including himself, who believes world can be an even better place when everyone lends a kind gesture.


Co – Founder

Divya Chitimalla is a PhD candidate in computer science from University of California, Davis. She enjoys solving difficult problems that affect the society. She believes that technology when combined with correct intent can make world a better place for many people. She wants to take her research and problem-solving abilities to new level using social-entrepreneurship. She has graduated from IIT Kharagpur in 2013 and believes in starting young when it comes to giving back to society. She strongly believes in girl-child education, providing basic amenities for under-developed communities and in general removing all the sub-optimal choices that make life difficult for the under-privileged. She is excited to work with like-minded people who want to actively work to bring the change they want to see.

  Content Editor

Content Editor

Irene Zilber, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Child Psychologist with expertise in cognitive-behavioral therapy for mood and anxiety disorders, impulse-control disorders, autism-spectrum disorders, and disruptive behavior disorders with young children, adolescents, adults, and families. In addition, she is intensively trained in DBT with youth and adults experiencing significant emotional and behavioral dysregulation, and with those who self-harm. Irene Zilber received her B.S. from Cornell University in Developmental Psychology, an Ed.M. in Risk and Prevention with Children and Adolescents from Harvard University, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Rutgers University. Dr. Irene Zilber completed her pre-doctoral internship at Maimonides Medical Center, in Brooklyn, New York where she provided individual and group therapy to a diverse population of young children, adolescents, and adults with a wide range of presenting problems. Dr. Irene Zilber completed her neuropsychological evaluation training at McGill University, Montreal Children’s Hospital, Jewish General Hospital in Montreal and at Maimonides Medical Center, conducting full assessment batteries with children, adolescents, and adults.
In addition to her clinical interests, Dr. Irene Zilber enjoys teaching and conducting research. Dr. Irene Zilber has taught several courses at the undergraduate level at McGill and Rutgers Universities, including Developmental Psychology, Child Psychopathology, Applied Behavioral Analysis, and Positive Psychology. She has numerous co-authored publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, book chapters, and has presented at various national and international conferences in the areas of child and adolescent anxiety and depression, and developmental disabilities.
In her spare time, Dr. Irene Zilber volunteers with various organizations and alumni affairs and contributes by interviewing High School students for admission to her alma mater, helping non-for-profit organization stay organized and market shows and activities, contributes to charity organization with time and efforts, and volunteers for various tasks on an as-needed basis. Dr. Irene Zilber is an avid enthusiast of dance and the arts, museums, and other cultural events such as theatre and movies, and participates in multicultural outings and gatherings where multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational people all come together.